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Investing through Crowdfunding saves, learn and commit that rescues black culture.

This painful time that we are experiencing as a nation must be used as a turning point to stand together and embrace equality. We must listen, learn and commit to change.

Today we are going to highlight one of our projects that rescue an artistic culture carried out from Africa. The project has great economic potential and socio-cultural impact, so take a look.

In particular, the rescue and enhancement of the artistic cutural Chokwe has been highlighted by the Government of Angola and has further boosted the market for these masterpieces.

The authenticity and legitimacy of our collection of Chokwe culture has already been proven. We are now working to foster the international market and the economic appreciation of such masterpieces.

Our project consists of obtaining an exponential economic appreciation of our collection, through the rescue and popularization of Chokwe culture and highlighting the importance of its art for humanity.

Out of respect for the Afro-descendant community, we are focusing on Africa to rescue black culture.

Vast collection of African works of art, coming from Angola, with very high intrinsic cultural and historical value. Its artistic importance and authenticity are proven. This collection is currently being cataloged and evaluated. The crowdfunding will soon be launched